LionDanceME Elementary Program currently offers classes on Chinese lion dance surrounding the subject of Chinese culture to both middle and elementary school students. We work with various after-school programs and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to deliver enriching activities and interactive learning experiences, led by trained, passionate college and high school youths. Sample class activities include Chinese lion dance, red envelope lantern making, and educational group games. If you'd like to add our program to your school or organization, contact us below!


Affiliated Schools and Organizations

Redding, Moscone, Garfield, Spring Valley, Gordon J Lau, Yick Wo, Jean Parker, Edwin Anita Newcomer, Francis Scott Key, Sunset, Lakeshore, Alamo, Argonne, Peabody, Lafayette, Aptos, Presidio, Chinatown YMCA, Wu Yee, RDNC, SNBC, CYC, Stepping Stone Preschool 



During weekend practices, we host joint practices where students not only learn from Norman, but they also teach our own in-house elementary lion dancers. This program is open to any kids ranging from the ages of 5-10, and offers kids who don’t have lion dance offered at their school the chance to learn. LionDanceME juniors can join the older lion dancers for parades and performances, and will, at times, perform their own routines as well.