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America's Got Talent - 2012

In 2012, founder Norman Lau sparked a newfound endeavor within the troupe to bring the art of Lion Dance to a new height. Through a platform as big as a reality television show like America’s Got Talent, LionDanceME looked to gain exposure for the art of lion dancing in the United States that was unprecedented.

The Quarter-Finals saw LionDanceME put on a live performance that was unparalleled by anything the group and its members have ever done before. But, ultimately, it was not enough to attain enough votes from the American audience to advance to the Semifinal round. Though disappointed, the accomplishment of making it all the way to the Quarterfinals, besting 50,000 acts along the way, gave the team a great learning experience to reflect and build on for the future.

GoPro Shoot - 2016

In 2016, we got the opportunity to participate in a video shoot by GoPro. 

Hong Kong Apple Daily News - 2016

In that same year, Hong Kong Apple Daily News featured us during a segment about our company. 

88Rising - 2018

Check out our collaboration with 88Rising's Higher Brothers on their music video, "Open It Up"!

SF Chronicle - 2019

We got the opportunity to be interviewed by the SF Chronicle! Check out the article here: 

and the video here:

CGTN America - 2019

CGTN America paid us a visit with a focus on the increasing number of women joining lion dance. 

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